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Date a Guy Who Knows How to Open a De Lata..

..without the use of an abrelata. Successfully opening a de lata without the aid of an abrelata manifests how madiskarte he is in facing situations that has no easy and usual solutions in sight – a trait that makes a man a good and responsible provider.

Date a guy who knows what an abrelata is. Knowing what an abrelata is reflects how fully aware he is in his surroundings, especially in their kitchen, which one day will be both yours – an assurance that he’s paying attention to little details, which is instumental in reaching goals.

Date a guy who knows how to cook rice…without using the rice cooker. Aside from being economically-practical, knowing how to saing-saing sa kalan requires waiting for the perfect time when to set the fire on high, medium, and low – which develops natural knowledge on the art of perfect timing. And that’s the most important thing in sexy time.

Date a guy who knows how to saing-saing in the kalan. It just manifests how well-focused he is despite doing something else. Otherwise, aside from overconsuming the LPG, the rice will get tutong-ized. This attitude shows how caring and responsible he still is to you despite separately living his life as a member of his family of origin and/or as an individual busy reaching his aspirations in life.

Date a guy who knows how to do things manually. In every harsh and complex situaion that we’re into, we often forget how to make things easy and simple. We often forget that what matters most is the basic: love. So date a guy whom you love. Leave the ‘get-to-know’ part in friendship.Treat the dating stage as sacred. Go through the right process, though it consumes much time and effort. Only then you will realize its true worth. Only then you will feel that it’s all worth it..

..just like what it feels after opening a de lata without the comfort and ease brought by the use of an abrelata.